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Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a widely popular means to reduce harmful smog-forming oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in diesel engine exhaust. NOx is formed at the high-temperature flame front commonly found in compression ignition engines. Nitrogen and oxygen are natural constituents of the engine intake air, but given sufficient heat and time will transform into unwelcome compounds (such as nitrous oxide (NO), and nitrous dioxide (NO2) the most prevalent). SCR is a well-proven technology known to reduce NOx by more than 90%. Click here to read more about SCR.
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Beyond CJ-4: Introducing PC-11, the New HDEO Performance Category

Acting on a request by the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA), the  American Petroleum Institute (API) and Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel (DEOAP) are proceeding with the development of a new heavy duty diesel engine oil performance category: PC-11. PC-11—the PC stands for proposed category—offers performance features beyond the current API CJ-4 engine oils. The formal written request, dated June 21, 2011, proposes first licensing by API no later than January 1, 2016.

The need for PC-11 is driven by:

  • EPA/NHSTA proposed regulations on fuel efficiency and green house gas emissions
  • Increased use of bio-diesel fuel
  • Engine oil foaming concerns
  • Improved protection from higher engine operating temperatures
  • Improved protection from engine oil shear down
  • Piston/liner (adhesive) wear protection

The proposal presented by EMA includes performance parameters to address:

  • Fuel efficiency contribution from the engine oil
  • Bio-diesel fuel compatibility/protection
  • Improved engine protection from aeration
  • Improved oxidation performance
  • Engine oil shear stability protection
  • Improved scuffing wear protection.
  • Click here for discussion on PC-11 Scuffing.

Over the next five years, engine manufacturers, oil marketers and additive companies will work together to develop the PC-11 performance category, document improved performance features and ready these new oils for the market place. HDEO.com has been designed to be your source for the latest news and discussion on this new category and its impact on the industry. Lubrizol is actively involved in all aspects of developing the PC-11 performance category and will report on industry progress, each step of the way.
Click here if you are interested in viewing the HDDEO process flow to learn more on how a new performance category standard is developed.

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