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Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a widely popular means to reduce harmful smog-forming oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in diesel engine exhaust. NOx is formed at the high-temperature flame front commonly found in compression ignition engines. Nitrogen and oxygen are natural constituents of the engine intake air, but given sufficient heat and time will transform into unwelcome compounds (such as nitrous oxide (NO), and nitrous dioxide (NO2) the most prevalent). SCR is a well-proven technology known to reduce NOx by more than 90%. Click here to read more about SCR.
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OEM's are faced with the challenge of building engines and trucks that meet all the latest regulations, including clean air standards and fuel efficiency, while maintaining engine durability. The balancing act between emissions, fuel efficiency, and durability is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Let Lubrizol provide the answers.

Lubrizol is an industry leader at the forefront of developing new lubrication technologies to meet the latest needs of all industry stakeholders. Lubrizol's HDDEO.com offers articles and videos on heavy duty diesel engine and emissions system technology:

  • How the technology has evolved
  • What has driven these changes
  • How these hardware changes have enabled engine and truck builders to meet new regulations.

The website covers how hardware changes drive lubricant technology and the overall impact on the engine oil market. Lubrizol continues to participate in the new engine oil specification process, and www.HDDEO.com will provide in-depth progress reports.